Irrigation Systems in Pasadena, California

A professionally installed sprinkler system does more than just save you time from manually- watering your garden. It can also save you money on your water bills and add value to your home.
Keep your lawn and gardens green and lush throughout the growing season. An automatic sprinkler system will give you the peace of mind that your landscape is being maintained while you are busy with the hustle of everyday life.

Options Galore

Whether you're looking for a basic irrigation system or a more complex network of sprinklers, Green Splendor Landscaping has an option for you. We offer a wide array of sprinkler systems, including:

  • Automatic systems
  • Commercial sprinkler systems
  • Residential sprinkler systems

So whether you need an irrigation system for your small home garden or a large golf course, we have the training and expertise to install a solution that works for you. For more information or to set up an estimate, call Green Splendor Landscaping today.


  • Irrigation Systems in Pasadena, CA
  • Drip Watering Systems
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Commercial Sprinkler Systems
  • Residential Sprinkler Systems